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Brimhall Technique

10-Steps to Optimal Health

Dr. Michelle is a student of the Brimhall Technique. This ten-step process works to restore natural balance and energy to the body’s systems.

The ten-step protocol employs a variety of techniques and treatments to:

  • Remove nerve interference through chiropractic adjustment
  • Remove electromagnetic stress with a series of magnet treatments
  • Restore nutrition using B.E.S.T technique
  • Remove allergens with homeopathy and non-needle acupuncture treatments
  • Remove emotional stress through Bach flower & living flower essences
  • Replace essential enzymes and HCL needed for efficient digestion
  • Re-inoculate the digestive tract to improve digestive function
  • Remove ineffective organisms such as yeast
  • Reset the adrenal glands and treat General Adaptive Syndrome with vitamins and supplements
  • Remove metals and toxins

The Brimhall technique, when employed as a part of a holistic health plan helps to reprogram the body to fight off allergies, disease, and contributes to an overall healthy lifestyle.