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"If you are ready to receive personalized care to achieve your overall wellness, A Wellness Center at Little River is here for you."

-Dr. Michelle LeRoy

At A Wellness Center at Little River, we believe that the Path to Wellness is Balance. We help you to achieve this Balance by providing you with excellence in Chiropractic Care, Wellness Care, Nutrition Counseling, Vitamin and Herb Store, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Applied Kinesiology, Rehabilitation, Meridian Therapy, Stress Reduction, Reflexology, Allergy Treatments, Massage Therapy, Cranio Sacral Technique, Upledger Therapy, Brimhall Technique, and much much more.


Michelle LeRoy-Lawrence D.C.

Dr. Michelle LeRoy-Lawrence and the professionals at A Wellness Center at Little River are dedicated to providing the best quality alternative and wellness care available. We offer our patients the most effective and best-researched drug-free therapies available including chiropractic care, nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, naturopathy, applied kinesiology, rehabilitation care and meridian therapy.

Every patient at A Wellness Center at Little River is thoroughly evaluated both structurally and nutritionally. We then design a care program that is individually tailored to meet their individual needs. Because of Dr. Michelle's extensive training and experience, she is able to help people with a wide variety of health issues find their way to restored balance and health.

Dr. Michelle has practiced in the Woodstock area since 1989. She is dedicated to research and study and offers her patients the best, most effective alternative medicine strategies and solutions. A Wellness Center at A Little River is a family oriented wellness center. We treat people of all ages with the philosophy that no one is too young or too old to experience radiant, renewed good health.



As a salesman, I travel a lot and between planes, hotels, and uncomfortable conference room chairs, I could not perform my job due to the pain I was having in my lower back. I was at the end of my rope with back problems... that plagued me for more than 5 years. I visited several doctors and chiropractors with the same results: they would treat the symptom(s) and send me on my way. When I met Dr. Michelle and the team at the Wellness Center at Little River, I was taken aback by their sincerity and alternative medicine strategies and solutions. Dr. Michelle went beyond looking at my symptoms and got me to understand the root causes. My back problems were a result of poor diet, poor core muscle strength and basically a poor overall wellness approach. Well, that has all changed thanks to Dr. Michelle! I am pain free, I lost more than 30 pounds and I have a new appreciation for total wellness that will serve me the rest of my life. All this, without prescription drugs or costly apparatuses. I can’t begin to thank everyone at the Wellness Center. I not only entrust my entire family’s wellness to them, but also count them as friends.
— Bob
I have suffered with chronic and nearly debilitating fatigue and constant pain for the past 5 years and have developed numerous health problems, some of which are food allergies, hypothyroidism and inflammation in numero...us joins, including my feet, which makes walking very difficult and painful. I have been to approximately 30 doctors in numerous specialties who have been baffled by their inability to help get me better. With Dr. Michelle’s help over the past 2 years, I have been able to maintain full time employment and achieve improvement in all my health problems. Without her help, constant encouragement, prayers, and faith in God to heal me, I am certain that I would be totally disabled by now and barely able to function on a daily basis. There are no words that even begin to express my gratitude for all her help and the fact that she will not give up on me
— Kim


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