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Chiropractic Care

Over 100 years ago, the science and art of chiropractic were born in Davenport, Iowa, when D.D. Palmer adjusted the spine of his deaf janitor. Following adjustment, the man instantly heard the sound of wagon wheels on the street below. Since then, chiropractic has grown to become the second largest health profession in the world. The principle of chiropractic has remained the same: remove nerve interference and the body will work to heal itself.

Chiropractors adjust the spine in order to restore normal function to the body. What separates Dr. Michelle from other chiropractors is her understanding that nutritional, chemical and emotional stresses can result in muscle imbalances that cause spinal misalignments. By correcting those imbalances, she is able to successfully adjust her patients for relief of pain and restoration of good health.

Any chiropractor can adjust you. However, at A Wellness Center at Little River, our delivery of care provides a more comprehensive individual approach to your overall health and wellness needs. We conduct a comprehensive, full-body examination to assure all of your health issues are addressed, use chiropractic adjustments to straighten your spine and muscle balancing to help you maintain and hold your adjustment. If indicated, we can also help you identify nutrition applications and nutritional supplements that will benefit and support your individual wellness.

Dr. Michelle applies many chiropractic techniques and selects the best and safest adjustment for each individual patient using both hands-on and instrument adjustments based on individual patient preferences and health needs. She also uses a variety of techniques to restore balanced function to muscles and ligaments.

Most patients are amazed at the difference in how they feel after just one visit to our office. With our holistic approach to their structural problems, they experience significant improvement in function.